Pursuing my passion for prose



WriteyTidy is a writing service born out of my sincere desire to express myself – and others – in writing. All my life I’ve been told such things as I have a “flair for writing” and a “way with words.”

Not to seem immodest – but I agree. Words come easily – naturally – to me and I enjoy the process of using them to compellingly express ideas.

I believe you’ll see what I mean when you read the following quote from my personal blog, UpsideDownCats, about my innate writing ambition…

“In my heart I’ve always been a writer. My very first inclination as to college major was English, but I was advised against that, as it did not lead directly to a clearly defined job track that was of interest to me. I had – and really still have – very little interest in journalism. English teacher did not spark my interest either, even though two of my sisters are teachers. I have always been more independent than I felt a teacher could be (although the idea of summers off sounds pretty attractive to me now…!) To be totally honest, Writer – vague as the term is – would have been, and still would be, the career, the lifestyle, to complete me.

It’s not as if I have anything in particular in mind to write about. The Great American Novel is not burning within me. I just like – no, love – to write. I love the single-minded concentration, the discipline of organizing random ideas into cohesive prose, and the peace to commune with my own thoughts. And as crazy as it sounds, I love to research! When I’m in my “writing zone” everything else goes away and I feel my mind exploring diverse paths…like exercising a muscle in a different way. It is refreshing and rejuvenating…like a vacation from my day to day routine.”

Specialties? I have a few

While I consider myself adept at tackling a diverse array of topics, I am especially enthusiastic about giving a voice to the subjects of small business issues, domestic violence, frugal living, pet adoption and homestyle food/cooking.

This is why I write – because I consider it my life’s calling.

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