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I write on a wide variety of subjects, ranging from business to personal topics. Here’s a sampling of how I’ve used words to paint pictures for my clients:


A Selection from Upside Down Cats:

“When I conjure up the perfect Autumn image I envision the rich golden colors of the season all around me as I ride my bike along the leaf-strewn streets of my neighborhood. I can smell the earthiness of the fallen leaves as my wheels crunch over them on the ground. Mix in the scent of a distant fireplace and it smells like paradise to me! The cool air blowing against my skin invigorates me – enticing me to go that one mile farther.”

“It’s easy to get a little philosophical when thinking about the seasons. Perhaps we prefer a certain season because of a memory or a mood we experienced in that season. Maybe we are tuned into the natural “life cycle” as it plays out each year from Spring to Winter, associating some aspect of the season to a “season” of our life.”

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A selection from Coupon Shoebox:

Money is a resource we use to exercise our preferences in the marketplace. We make decisions about where and on what we spend money based upon that which we personally value. When there’s an added incentive that appeals to us, we are more likely to shop at a particular store or buy a particular item. It’s important to be aware of the kinds of things that make us more willing to part with our hard-earned dollars. Knowing what we consider “worth” buying and why helps us to make better-informed buying decisions in the long run.

A selection from Entrepreneur Mom:

“Every mother stands in a powerful position to impart her various talents, values and ideals to her children. It is her responsibility and privilege to influence her children, teaching them by her example how to succeed and find happiness in their lives. When that mother is also an entrepreneur, or “mompreneur,” her children are the beneficiaries of a plethora of unique life, practical and social lessons. What can children learn from an entrepreneur mother?

A selection from Small Business Resources:

“In a business world that moves faster and expects more daily, you need every advantage you can get to stay sharp and effective. Keeping on top of your game may mean the difference between effectiveness and success or incompetence and failure. Learning from the experiences of a mentor is one way to hone your skills in the workplace.” “There are many choices available for mentoring services, depending on your specific needs and circumstances. Some companies have embraced the importance of mentorship and have developed in-house mentoring programs for their employees. Others rely on outsourced mentoring. EQmentor is a company offering a unique approach to traditional mentoring.”

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A selection from eSeMBe Technical Services for

“eSeMBe Technical Services specializes in solutions that facilitate a more workable relationship between you and technology. Committed to the success of our clients, eSeMBe provides the expertise, insight and resources that our clients need to work more effectively. Knowledge and the right equipment will substantially increase your productivity and efficiency. Our introduction of automation and process refinements will help you get things done.”

A selection from Route 66 Association of Illinois:

“While we here at the Route 66 Association of Illinois strive to “preserve. educate, promote and enjoy” the Mother Road, there is another organization that strives to support the towns and business that bring the road alive. That organization is the Red Carpet Corridor. The Corridor runs for a 90 mile stretch along Route 66 from Joliet to Towanda serving up a charming and welcoming slice of Americana.”

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Route 66 Association of Illinois


bobbi kahn design jewelry

Route 66 Association of Illinois

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I have provided content for and been published on these vehicles:

SBR Women in Business Blog (Twice-Monthly Regular Small Business Article Contributor)

Entrepreneur Mom (Regular Article Contributor, 2008-2010)

Route 66 Association of Illinois (Website Content Creator, Email and Paper Newsletter Writer/Editor/Designer, Social Media Consultant)

eSeMBe Technical Services (Content Creator)

eMentor Marketing (Web Content Creator, Saturday Sidecar Blogger, 2010-2013)

Coupon Shoebox (Regular Article Contributor, 2009-2014)

bobbi kahn design jewelry (Website Content Creator, Newsletter Writer/Editor/Designer, Social Media Consultant)

Imagine Peace Studio (Website Content Creator, Newsletter Writer/Editor/Designer)


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