What type of writing do you need?

1131445_red_check_sign_in_3d Essays

An essay is a written personal observation or opinion, sometimes subjective and persuasional.

I will write about my experiences and point-of-view with an inspirational/motivational bent.

Visit my portfolio page to read examples of essays I’ve written.

1131445_red_check_sign_in_3dOriginal theme-based writing (white papers, ebooks…)

These are articles based upon information gathered from knowledgeable sources.

I will write articles on any subject you wish. I will interview and research as necessary to provide relevant facts and/or opinions.

Visit my portfolio page to read examples of my original theme-based writing.

1131445_red_check_sign_in_3dWriting content for your web site

Web site content describes your business, product and/or service. It tells your readers who you are and what you do.

I will take your ideas (or find them when necessary) and showcase them in clear, straightforward terms.

Visit my portfolio page to read examples of  web site content I’ve written.

1131445_red_check_sign_in_3dNewsletter design and layout

Above and beyond content, a clean, professional newsletter demonstrates your message with style.

In paper or email format, I create attractive, readable and enticing newsletters.

1131445_red_check_sign_in_3d Email newsletter content

An email newsletter provides compelling snippets of information that drive traffic to your web site.

I will write attention-grabbing highlights, directing recipients to your web site where they can find out more.

Visit my portfolio page to read examples of  newsletter content I’ve written.

1131445_red_check_sign_in_3d Social Media bursts

Social media is, collectively, web site-based communication which direct mini-messages toward those who are interested in what you do or say.

I will create/find and post relevant information to social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook to keep you connected to a community of actively interested listeners.

Visit my portfolio page to read examples of  social media announcements I’ve written.

Let’s Make It Happen!

The Nuts and Bolts of Hiring Me to Write for You…

Every writing project is unique. I look forward to getting busy with yours!

I offer a complementary consultation to assess your needs. I will use the information I gather during our consultation to estimate the cost and scope of your project.

I will provide a written estimate for the writing work to be delivered. One-half the amount due for my services is payable at the onset of the project, along with the signed estimate. The remainder is due upon completion of the project.

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