It’s always nice to be appreciated!

Here is some of the complimentary feedback I’ve received about my writing services:

“Gina has a great writing style that is both breezy and intelligent. She is quick, resourceful and dedicated to the craft of writing ~ a highly qualified go-to person for your content and research needs!”

Christine Louise Hohlbaum, Blogger/Author, Power of Slow

“When I had a new book out recently, it was covered or reviewed by a number of writers. Gina’s review is one we keep in the press kit, because hers was perhaps the most intelligent and insightful of them all. We’ve built our relationship completely online, and I think it’s a mark of Gina’s personal style that I feel like I really know her.”

– Elizabeth Cogswell Baskin, CEO & Creative Director, Tribe, Inc.

“One need only to read Gina’s work to understand what she’s all about. Her comfortable style easily guides you deeper and deeper into the world she invites you to explore. It’s a pleasant journey well worth taking!”

– Sandy Roos, Owner, Shadow Executive Services

“Gina is an organized, self-motivated and talented writer and editor, just the qualities my company was seeking when we were hiring someone to not only provide quality to content but also some oversight of our editorial calendar. Gina always delivers. Her clear, concise writing requires little editing, and she is a trusted freelance member of our team.”

– Aliza Sherman Risdahl, Co-Owner, Social Media Marketing Strategist, Conversify

“It’s a nice, concise, clear and pithy article. I like your style! It’s an honor to be in such a skillfully written piece. Thanks!”

– K.T. Connor, PhD, Center for Applied AxioMetrics

“It’s an amazing gift to write in such a way that you feel you want to read something on the website just based on your lead in….. its nice to be intrigued and enticed into reading something I may not have taken the time to read had not your intro or where you put the article “made me look.” Thanks for making me look.”

“So thanks for your tenacity and your follow-up.”

“You and Scott are a perfect complement to each other and we are so lucky you both take care of our Association as well as you do.”

– Catherine Stevanovich, President, Route 66 Association of Illinois

“Gina, that is an excellent write-up! Man, I can’t wait to shout that one to world. It’s really exemplifies our value proposition and it makes me sound like such a professional :)…which I am, of course.”

– Matt Harrell, President, MemberHub

“Wow Gina! One of our interns actually found you on twitter and told me about it!! Then to see the article – WOW that is great! Thank you for such a wonderful feature!”

– Dawn Lancaster, Vice President, Carved Solutions

“Great article, Gina! Thank you so much for painting me in such a generous light!”

– Lynn Sutton, Managing Principal, Kairos Consulting Worldwide

“Being interviewed by Gina was a pure delight – easy and fun — and her subsequent post (on How to Be a Super Woman Without Being Superwoman) was wonderful, capturing the heart of what we discussed perfectly. She’s a joy to work with, and a highly recommended writer!”

– Kathy Caprino, MA, Founder/President, Ellia Communications, Inc.

“I think you have captured the essence of our adaptable workplace perfectly! Thanks so much for such a thoughtful portrayal of the work life struggle.”

– Pamela O’Hara, President, BatchBlue Software

“Gina has the ability to consistently write quality web content, taking topics that could easily be humdrum and dry and instead offering up a useful resource that readers will bookmark and refer to in the future. She has a knack for fitting into an editorial workflow and for meeting deadlines consistently and without a problem. I am glad to work with Gina and plan to keep doing so well into the future.”

– Thursday Bram, President, Hyper Modern Consulting

“Gina Blitstein and Writeytidy is an amazing business partner. Traffic to my website and facebook page has grown tremendously. Sales on my website had improved dramatically. Here are a few adjectives I would use to describe Gina: creative, timely, accountable, reliable, enterprising, strong, helpful, challenging. What I appreciate most is that Gina offers suggestions on new ways to build my business. And Gina will listen to my suggestion but also add her own opinion about how and why we should do something. I am grateful every day that Gina had become an integral part of driving sales in my business.”

– Barb Mason, bobbi kahn design jewelry

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